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Ex Training

Korea Safety Certification Co., Ltd. runs various training courses for the job skill improvement of workers in the explosion proof industry.

Introduction to Training

Technical Practice Training

This training provides the direct experience through theory and practice of test items to enhance job skills in the explosion proof field. At the completion of the training course, a trainee will acquire the certificate issued by KSC.

Training Subject Training Course Remarks
Workers involved in explosive atmospheres such as manufacturing and management of explosion proof equipment
General requirements: IEC 60079-0
Flameproof Protection (Ex d) : IEC 60079-1
Pressurized Protection (Ex p) : IEC 60079-2
Increased safety (Ex e) : IEC 60079-7
Type of protection ‘n’ : IEC 60079-15
Intrinsic Safety (Ex i) : IEC 60079-11
Practical Training
In Korea Safety Certification Co., Ltd. practical training with test equipment is possible.

Ex Quality system Training

This training is related on the requirements of ISO/IEC 80079-34, which can be used to cope with quality examination and establish explosion protection quality system such as technical capability and production system examination of Korea Ex certification (KCs) and quality examination of overseas explosion proof certification (IECEx, ATEX).

Training Subject Training Course
Quality related workers of Ex manufacturing
Overview of quality system
Basics of IECEx / ATEX quality system
Requirements of IECEx / ATEX quality assurance
Major functions of various explosion proof concepts
Implementation guidelines

Training for Workers in Explosive atmospheres

This training is related on the requirements of IEC 60079-14,17, focusing on the essential theory that the workers in explosive atmospheres should know, such as the selection, inspection, and maintenance of explosion proof electrical equipment.

Training Subject Training Course
Workers involved in explosive atmospheres
(chemical related, power plants, shipping and semiconductor)
Principles of explosion proof and its marking and types
Classification of hazardous areas (IEC 60079-10-1 / IEC 60079-10-2)
Electrical installations design, selection and erection (IEC 60079-14)
Electrical installations inspection and maintenance (IEC 60079-17)