Status of Testing Laboratory

Korea Safety Certification Co., Ltd. has independent testing equipment and facilities that meet the international standards of explosive atmospheres. In accordance with the ISO/IEF 17025 standards, we have been designated as an official testing laboratory of IECEx(ExTL) and KOLAS to undertake the tasks of international standardized tests.

The test conducted by our company and the test report can be used to acquire the overseas certification. This will save time and costs for the product transportation, performance evaluation, result, and certification. We will provide the best test service through quick and accurate product evaluation and certification from safety verification of development stage to acquisition of Korean and international certification.

Accreditation of Test Laboratoty
IECEx TL (IECEx Testing Laboratory)
Korea Safety Certification Co., Ltd. had been accredited as an international testing laboratory by the IECEx System and we conduct tests and evaluations according to the IEC standards as an IEC ExTL.
* IECEx System: International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmosphere
IECEx Test scope of KSC
KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)
Korea Safety Certification Co., Ltd. had been accredited as an international standardized testing laboratory by KOLAS and conducts tests and evaluations in accordance with the KOLAS quality system and procedures.
KOLAS Test scope of KSC

Status of Other Testing Laboratory

  • IECEx Testing Laboratory

  • ATEX Testing Laboratory

  • NEPSI Testing Laboratory

  • ITRI Testing Laboratory

  • KOLAS Testing Laboratory

Main test facility